Television on Cat 5/6

Data Distribution System

The Lynx Television Distribution System delivers digital and analog television (RF) on a Cat 5/6 cable.

The hubs and end converters use high frequency baluns to deliver frequencies up to 860 MHz without using any bandwidth on the network itself.

Lynx Television Network

The Lynx Television Distribution System

The Lynx Television Distribution System features a passive design with distribution hubs located in the wiring closets (IDFs) and end converters located at the point of use.

High frequency RF baluns convert 75 ohm unbalanced signals into 100 ohm balanced signals that travel on pair four of a twisted pair cable.

External amplifiers compensate for signal strength losses in the cable and splitter losses in the hubs. One external amplifier typically supports up to 24 TVs.

RF balun technology uses the copper pathway in the network cable, but not the data network itself. No network bandwidth is consumed!

The sixteen port hub shown above has two 8 port hubs mounted side by side. RF signals enter the hub through the two F connectors on the back side. Then each signal is split 8 ways and sent to RF baluns. The resulting “balanced” signals are delivered to the RJ-45 jacks on the front of the hub.

Lynx converters installed at the point of use are shown above. They convert the RF signal back to coaxial form for delivery to the F connector on the back of the television. The converters are available in a decora wallplate style or as a freestanding unit.

Layout Drawing

Perfomance Specifications

Frequency range
Insertion loss for hub and converter

5 MHz to 860 MHz
<13 dB @ 5 MHz, <19 dB @ 860 MHz

Distance Capabilities
(assumes 45 dB to hub for HD and digital channels and 49 dB for analog channels)

MetersFeetDigital Channels (1 MHz)HD Channels (3 MHz)Analog Channels (6 MHz)

Price Information

Prices for the Lynx Television Distribution System work out to about $100 per TV when the hubs are used at full capacity. In addition the cost of amplifiers is about $20 per TV when the hubs are used at full capacity.

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