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Recent Projects

Lynx Broadband TV and data distribution systems are ideal for public buildings, universities, hospitals, hotels, offices and schools. Learn how Lynx Broadband has been used in these and other applications.

Minnesota’s State Capitol - St. Paul, MN

Built in 1905, the Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul had reached a critical deterioration point. Over the past three years, the Capitol was renovated at a cost of $309.674 million dollars.

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Eastern Washington University - Cheney, WA

Lynx Broadband recently completed a turnkey installation in Washington State for a brand new, state of the art, college dormitory building. Service to 304 TV’s over Cat 6 was distributed across five floors in the new facility, providing service to common areas, dorm rooms and game rooms.

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Blessing Hospital - Quincy, IL

Blessing Hospital had an old coaxial distribution system that was long overdue for an update. Patients constantly complained about poor picture quality and the maintenance department was always busy handling service calls. Rather than rip out their old coax then replace it with new coax, they decided to upgrade and “future proof” by installing Lynx. The new system delivers cable TV, satellite TV, and in-house programming to 336 TVs.

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St. Clare’s Hospital - Weston, WI

This hospital delivers satellite TV, movies, e-mail, and patient education services provided by Get Well Networks to 184 TVs. They selected Lynx because the hospital wanted to go “all digital” and Lynx was more cost effective than streaming video or IPTV.

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Sheraton Hotel – Baltimore, MD

This hotel did not install coax because they intended to use a streaming video / IPTV system. But after the facility was built they discovered that the IPTV system was not ready. Consequently they chose Lynx to deliver DIRECTV to 203 guest rooms, and got installed in time for their April opening.

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Venable Law Firm – Washington, DC

Venable’s Government and Regulatory Affairs group recently relocated their offices and redesigned their infrastructure to provide state of the art telecom, datacom, and media delivery services. They selected the Lynx Television and Data Network to deliver television and data on a shared Cat 6 cable. Lawyers use the television to monitor activity in Congress. They report “perfect” picture quality with the Lynx system.

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San Ramon School District – San Ramon, CA

This school district selected Lynx as part of a district wide program to upgrade its visual learning capabilities. In addition to using Cat 6 instead of coax, the schools use state of the art projectors to display television programming, internet pages, and presentation materials sent from the teacher’s computer.

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University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

The University of Florida’s Health Sciences Center uses Lynx to deliver cable TV to 80 offices and classrooms. They like having a universal cabling infrastructure that lets them deliver data, voice, and television to any location. This lets them expand or modify their television network as their needs change.

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Sauk Rapids High School - Sauk Rapids, MN

This high school uses Lynx to distribute 16 in-house channels and 21 cable and satellite channels to 175 locations on Cat 6 cable. The picture quality is excellent, and it is easy to handle moves, adds, and changes.

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