Passive vs Active Cat 6 HDTV and Video Distribution Systems

Reliable, Happy CustomerNot all cat 6 video distribution systems are created equal. Active systems, designed around cat 6 standards,
require external power with amplifiers integrated into the hub. These amplifiers produce heat and complicate
the system. If a hub or an amplifier within a hub goes bad, televisions connected to that hub can no longer
receive signals.

In contrast, Lynx Broadband systems are engineered to comply with BICSI (Building Industry Consulting
Service International) standards and have a passive design. These systems do not require power in the
wiring closet, which saves energy and may contribute to earning LEED credits. It uses less coaxial cable
than active video distribution systems. And, external amplifiers make replacement easier, faster and more
affordable with maximum uptime.

Each Lynx Broadband TV distribution network system is professionally designed in-house to ensure a
successful installation that provides exceptional picture quality.

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