Passive vs Active Cat 6 HDTV and Video Distribution Systems

Not all cat 6 video distribution systems are created equal. Active systems, designed around cat 6 standards,require external power with amplifiers integrated into the hub. These amplifiers produce heat and complicatethe system. If a hub or an amplifier within a hub goes bad, televisions connected to that hub can no longerreceive signals. In contrast, Lynx […]

Healthcare Design Expo, November 2 – 5, New Orleans

Lynx Broadband will be exhibiting at Healthcare Design Expo in booth 626 from November 2 – 5 in New Orleans. Stop by and learn about Lynx Ultra HDTV distribution system. More affordable than coax cable, Lynx Ultra provides television distribution over Cat 6 cabling. Show information >

Lynx Broadband’s Lynx Ultra™ television distribution system is more affordable than coax cable and provides plug-and-play installation

BURNSVILLE, Minn.—More affordable than coax cable and competitive products in most applications, Lynx Ultra™ HDTV distribution system delivers HDTV from cable providers, CATV headend, satellite headend and local over-the-air broadcasts over cat 5 or 6. It is a passive design and ideal for most standard installations with the hub assembly located in wiring closets (MDF/IDF). […]

300 TV Lynx installation at Eastern Washington University

Lynx Broadband recently completed a turnkey installation in Washington State for a brand new, state of the art, college dormitory building. Service to 304 TV’s over Cat 6 was distributed across five floors in the new facility, providing service to common areas, dorm rooms and game rooms. The facility utilized the most up to date […]

Lynx installation at the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital

Electrical contractor Inglett & Stubbs has completed a 172 TV Lynx installation at the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA. Inglett & Stubbs proposed Lynx as part of a value engineering program. Using Lynx saved $20,000 compared to the television distribution system that was originally proposed.