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Markets for Television on UTP Cable

Hospital applications for Television on Cat 5/6 Cable

The Lynx Television Network is a great alternative to coax for delivering entertainment and patient education to patient rooms.

The Lynx Television and Data Network adds the ability to deliver Internet TV, patient education, other Internet services (such as e-mail and electronic games), telephone, or in-house announcements - all on the same cable that delivers the television channels.

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Government applications for Television on Cat 5/6 Cable

Lynx has been installed in many military, federal, state and local applications. Having access to a universal cabling infrastructure makes it very flexible for handling moves, adds, and changes.

Application examples include army, air force, and national guard bases, several federal buildings in Washington DC, as well as many state and local applications.

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Corporate applications for HDTV on Cat 5/6 Cable

Lynx is used in many trading floor, law firm, PR firm, and other corporate applications. It provides ultimate flexibility for moving TV locations as people move. Consequently adding new TV locations is much faster and less expensive than pulling coax.

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Hotel Applications for HDTV on UTP Cable

Lynx is installed in many hotel application in the United States and Europe. It is more cost effective and reliable than installing coax. Some older hotels that need to upgrade their old and inadequate coax cable in order to handle HDTV are installing Lynx and using their twisted pair cable rather than taking on the expensive, time consuming, and disruptive task of pulling new coax behind existing walls.

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University applications for HDTV on twisted pair cable

Nothing gives a University a “high tech” image like large flat screen TVs installed in classrooms, lunchrooms, lobbies, hallways, offices, dorms, and fitness centers. Many of these locations have twisted pair cable but not coax. Lynx provides a fast and inexpensive way to deliver television to new locations.

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School applications for television on twisted pair cable

Lynx has been installed in hundreds of high school and elementary schools around the country. It is more reliable than traditional coax distributions systems, and less expensive (and bandwidth intensive) than streaming video / IPTV.

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