Lynx Ultra Commercial HDTV Distribution Network on Cat 6 Cable

The Lynx Ultra commercial HDTV distribution network on Cat 6 cable delivers HD, SD and analog RF video (TV). State-of-the-art high frequency baluns are used in the hubs and end converters to deliver RF frequencies up to 860 MHz without using any bandwidth on the network.

The Lynx Ultra commercial HDTV distribution network on Cat 6 cable features a passive design for most standard applications with the hub assembly located in the wiring closets (MDF/IDF) and Lynx Ultra converters are installed at the point of use to deliver HDTV over a cat 5e/6 cable infrastructure.

How does a Lynx Ultra System work?

How do we do it?

  1. RF Signal Feeds into the Lynx Ultra System

    RF television signal feeds into the Lynx Ultra system via the coax input on the back of the hub from your cable provider CATV headend, satellite headend or terrestrial TV

    Each 8-port hub has its own F-connector for precise balancing of the incoming signal strength.

  2. High-Frequency RF Baluns to Convert the Signal 

    A Lynx Ultra hub uses high-frequency RF baluns to convert the 75 ohm unbalanced coax signal to a 100 ohm balanced signal to be transmitted on pair 4 of the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. A patch cable from the front of the hub connects to the patch panel and out to the point of use. Then the converter converts the signal back into coaxial form for input into the TV, simultaneously delivering your entire channel lineup.

  3. Passive vs. Amplified Lynx Ultra Converters

    Lynx Ultra converters are available in passive and amplified models. The passive converter are ideal for most applications. The amplified converter is designed for applications requiring maximum run lengths and frequencies.

Features and Benefits
System Design Examples
Part Numbers and Drawings
How to Purchase
Features and Benefits

The Lynx Ultra Advantage

State-of-the-Art RF Baluns: Sophisticated high frequency, impedance matching baluns deliver a clean RF signal to each TV.


Cost Effective and Ultra Reliable Equipment: The hubs and passive converters do not require power and thus are very cost effective and extremely reliable. There are no internal amplifiers, power supplies or fans that will inevitably fail over time. All components are fully bi-directional, as required for set top box applications.


Scalability: Ultra hubs are designed in 8, 16 and 24 port configurations to ensure proper port counts and minimize excess ports. Enhances your ability to scale installation from a handful of ports to hundreds of ports in each wiring closet.


Reliable Infrastructure: A structured cabling infrastructure combined with a homerun design improves reliability compared to coax. Straight forward design removes taps and splitters between the IDF and the TV removing potential failure points in the distribution system.


Flexibility: Moves, adds and changes are easy with a patch panel and UTP cable.


Simplicity: A unified UTP infrastructure leverages the cost saving benefits of a single type of cable for all of your horizontal runs and allowing the delivery of multiple services including television on a Cat 5/6 network.


Technology Bridge: Lynx Ultra provides the ability to leverage your new or existing Cat 5/6 cable infrastructure to deliver high-definition television while creating a future proof installation with a clear migration path for future technologies.

System Design Examples

Lynx will provide a custom system design based on your specific application. System designs will provide specific information in regards to hub configurations, amplifier settings and how to connect equipment for optimal signal distribution in wiring closets.  This service is provided at no additional cost as part of Lynx Broadband’s commitment to our customers for the highest quality RF distribution systems on Cat 5/6 in the marketplace.


Call us today for a free custom system design and see how Lynx Broadband is transforming HDTV distribution.

Part Numbers and Drawings
  Part Number Drawing
Lynx Ultra Hub Assembly
24 Port Ultra Hub - HD24 L40-0271 Click here to view drawing
16 Port Ultra Hub - HD16 L40-0270 Click here to view drawing
8 Port Ultra Hub - HD8 L40-0269 Click here to view drawing
Lynx Ultra Converters
Ultra Converter (passive) - UC L40-0257 Click here to view drawing
Ultra Converter (active) - AUC L40-0258 Click here to view drawing
12 inch coax jumper cable
(connects single port converter to TV)
40 dB Power Doubling Amp  180-0521  
38 dB Power Doubling Amp (rackmountable) 180-0522  
How to Purchase

Products for commercial applications can be purchased directly from Lynx Broadband if you are willing to handle the installation yourself. Products can also be purchased from approved Lynx dealers and distributors if you prefer local assistance with the installation. A third option is to purchase a turnkey package from Lynx Broadband.  Click here for more information on turnkey services.  For self installation or dealer installation Lynx will assist by providing a system design and layout drawings at no additional charge.


To purchase Lynx equipment or get the name of a dealer in your area, please contact:
Phone: 952-894-9590

Layout Drawings

Example of Cable TV and/of Off-Air Distribution
HDTV over Cat 6 Diagram
Example of Multi-Source Headend Distribution