Looking for an IPTV Alternative?

Are you looking for an IPTV alternative? Lynx Broadband is the industry leader in video and television distribution over Cat 6. Our HDTV distribution system leverages all the benefits of a Cat 6 infrastructure for content delivery without the added cost and maintenance of IPTV. 

  • Deliver your television content on the same infrastructure
  • Use zero network bandwidth
  • Provide a more reliable and cost effective solution.

Lynx Broadband’s Ultra series hubs and baluns deliver a seamless end to end solution engineered to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare, hospitality, corporate, education, military and government requirements. Lynx Ultra is passive television distribution system providing unmatched reliability in the industry. Lynx Broadband is a division of BH Electronics, an ISO 9001 certified quality manufacturer of products for use in baseband, broadband and power applications from 20 KHz to 3.0 GHz.

IPTV Alternative