Fiber Optic RF Backbone

Fiber Optic RF Backbone

Lynx Broadband provides a line of fiber optic RF backbone components including high-performance fiber optic transmitters and receivers, which are typically used for building-to-building distribution in campus environments, or distribution between the main distribution frame (MDF) and intermediate distribution frame (IDF) closets in large buildings. The receivers are designed with state-of-the-art GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology that provides extremely high signal quality.

1310 nm single-mode fiber is used for these applications. Cable losses are only .6 dBm per mile and the signals are impervious to electromagnetic interference and lightning strikes.

To insure proper system design and installation, Lynx will provide a complete system design (at no charge). This includes a detailed design drawing showing the equipment layout and the recommended signal strength at each transition point.

Fiber Optic Transmitters

Four high quality fiber transmitters are available, with outputs of 3, 8, 10, and 12 dBm.  They have sufficient power to distribute RF to up to ten locations.

A free system design from Lynx Broadband is recommended before selecting the appropriate transmitter for a given application.

Fiber Transmitter
Fiber Optic Backbone

Transmitter Options

  • Fiber TX with 3 dBm out.  Rated for one or two receivers.
  • Fiber TX with 8 dBm out.  Rated for three or four receivers.
  • Fiber TX with 10 dBm out.  Rated for five or six receivers.
  • Fiber TX with 12 dBm out.  Rated for seven to ten receivers.

The information above assumes distances under .8 miles (4000 feet), and installation of an appropriate optical splitter after the transmitter.  A free system design from Lynx Broadband is recommended before selecting the appropriate transmitter for a given application.

The transmitters are equipped with an LCD display that provides a variety of diagnostic information including the operating temperature, current flow to the laser diode, and power from the laser diode. They also include a high quality pre-distorter that minimizes distortions in the incoming and outgoing signals.

Fiber Optic Receivers

Laser Receiver, Fiber Optic Backbone.

Fiber Optic Backbone

Fiber receivers are available in wallmount and rackmount versions as well as forward path only and bi-directional. The forward path receivers have color coded LED indicators showing the approximate signal strength of the incoming signal, as shown below. If an optical power meter (OPM) is not available, these indicators are very helpful in optimizing system performance. The ideal signal level coming into the receiver is 0 dBm.

Fiber Optic Controls
Layout Drawing
Part Numbers and Drawings
How to Purchase
Layout Drawing

Example: Bi-directional fiber backbone design with Lynx Ultra

Fiber Optic Backbone System

Part Numbers and Drawings
  Part Number Specifications 
Fiber Transmitters
Fiber TX w/3 dBm out 180-0530 Rackmount TX Datasheet
Fiber TX w/8 dBm out 180-0531
Fiber TX w/10 dBm out 180-0532
Fiber TX w/12 dBm out 180-0533
Fiber Receivers
Fiber RX - Wallmount 1-Way 48 dBmV out 180-0534 Wallmount RX Datasheet
Fiber RX - Rackmount 1-Way 48 dBmV out 180-0535 Rackmount RX Datasheet
Fiber RX - Rackmount 2-Way 48 dBmV out 180-0549  
Fiber RX - Mini-Node 2-Way 20 dBmV out 180-0536 Micro-Node RX Datasheet
Fiber Return Path RX - 4 Inputs 30 dBmV 180-0548 Return Path RX Datasheet
Fiber Return Path Micro-Node 28 dBmV 180-0537  
Fiber Splitters
2-Way Optical Splitter 180-0538  
3-Way Optical Splitter 180-0539  
4-Way Optical Splitter 180-0540  
6-Way Optical Splitter 180-0541  
8-Way Optical Splitter 180-0542  
10-Way Optical Splitter 180-0543  
Fiber Jumpers
3 Meter SMF Jumper, SC/APC to SC/APC 180-0544 SMF Jumper Datasheet
6 Meter SMF Jumper, SC/APC to SC/APC 180-0545
10 Meter SMF Jumper, SC/APC to SC/APC 180-0546
Other Accessories
Diplexer  180-0550  
2 dB Optical Attenuator 180-0547  
How to Purchase

Products for commercial applications can be purchased directly from Lynx Broadband if you are willing to handle the installation yourself. Products can also be purchased from approved Lynx dealers and distributors if you prefer local assistance with the installation. A third option is to purchase a turnkey package from Lynx Broadband.  Click here for more information on turnkey services.  For self installation or dealer installation Lynx will assist by providing a system design and layout drawings at no additional charge.


To purchase Lynx equipment or get the name of a dealer in your area, please contact:
Phone: 952-894-9590