Looking for an IPTV Alternative?

Are you looking for an IPTV alternative? Lynx Broadband is the industry leader in video and television distribution over Cat 6. Our HDTV distribution system leverages all the benefits of a Cat 6 infrastructure for content delivery without the added cost and maintenance of IPTV.  Deliver your television content on the same infrastructure Use zero […]

Passive vs Active Cat 6 HDTV and Video Distribution Systems

Not all cat 6 video distribution systems are created equal. Active systems, designed around cat 6 standards,require external power with amplifiers integrated into the hub. These amplifiers produce heat and complicatethe system. If a hub or an amplifier within a hub goes bad, televisions connected to that hub can no longerreceive signals. In contrast, Lynx […]

Lynx Broadband’s Lynx Ultra™ television distribution system is more affordable than coax cable and provides plug-and-play installation

BURNSVILLE, Minn.—More affordable than coax cable and competitive products in most applications, Lynx Ultra™ HDTV distribution system delivers HDTV from cable providers, CATV headend, satellite headend and local over-the-air broadcasts over cat 5 or 6. It is a passive design and ideal for most standard installations with the hub assembly located in wiring closets (MDF/IDF). […]

300 TV Lynx installation at Eastern Washington University

Lynx Broadband recently completed a turnkey installation in Washington State for a brand new, state of the art, college dormitory building. Service to 304 TV’s over Cat 6 was distributed across five floors in the new facility, providing service to common areas, dorm rooms and game rooms. The facility utilized the most up to date […]

Lynx installation at the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital

Electrical contractor Inglett & Stubbs has completed a 172 TV Lynx installation at the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA. Inglett & Stubbs proposed Lynx as part of a value engineering program. Using Lynx saved $20,000 compared to the television distribution system that was originally proposed.