300 TV Lynx installation at Eastern Washington University

Lynx Broadband recently completed a turnkey installation in Washington State for a brand new, state of the art, college dormitory building. Service to 304 TV’s over Cat 6 was distributed across five floors in the new facility, providing service to common areas, dorm rooms and game rooms. The facility utilized the most up to date technologies to provide students with an aesthetically pleasing environment and convenient access to new communication technologies.

Lynx met with the client in the planning stages of the facility and helped them unify their cabling infrastructure over Cat6 cable. The installation was performed by a highly trained Lynx partner with expertise in RF distribution and installation. The installation team mounted the hubs and amplifiers and balanced the system from floor to floor before connecting to the patch panel for distribution out to the rooms.

After the installation was completed, the team conducted tests in the wiring closets and dorm rooms to confirm proper signal strengths, and picture quality. Once completed, a walk through with the customer verified that expectations were met and picture quality was exceptional.

Lynx also provided technical training on Lynx products and RF distribution to be sure university employees could implement moves, adds, and changes and maintain exceptional picture quality.