Lynx Broadband Cat 5e and Cat 6 HDTV and Video Distribution Systems

Lynx Broadband Video Distribution SystemsLynx Broadband’s systems deliver proven, reliable Cat 6 HDTV and video distribution systems for hospitals, healthcare facilities, government buildings, schools, universities, corporate offices and hotels. More affordable than coax cable, and other competitive technologies such as internet protocol television (IPTV), Lynx Broadband systems can distribute frequencies up to 860 MHz over cat 6. It is ideal for delivery of standard definition, high definition (HD) and 4K from cable providers, cable television (CATV) headed, satellite headend and local over-the-air broadcasts.

These distribution systems use ethernet cable to provide the ultimate solution over coaxial cable networks or IPTV. Lynx Broadband offers a hybrid design that convert the signal, originating on coax or fiber optic cable, for horizontal distribution to the point of use over cat 5 or 6.    

Lynx Broadband systems, engineered to comply with BICSI standards and have a passive design. These systems do not require power in the wiring closet, which saves energy and may contribute to earning LEED credits. It uses less coaxial cable than active video distribution systems. And external amplifiers make replacement easier, faster and more affordable with maximum up time.